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Sebastian Swainsbury

UX Designer, Tabletop Gamer and Strategist, Duracell Bunny


I am a UX Designer with a passion for creating and being in the thick of the design process, with over eleven years experience as a Senior Retoucher and Visualiser, at many top Ad Agencies. I am ready for a new challenge, where I can build upon my creative skills and experiences.

My passion is for creating exciting and intuitive content that users can engage with, and be inspired by, influenced heavily by the visual journey. I am looking to join a team full-time in a collaborative and agile environment and be at the core of the UX process.


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My journey from Retoucher and Visualiser to UX Designer

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... a natural transition

With over eleven years experience in the advertising industry, my journey to becoming a UX Designer is a natural transition, and a process which has been equally challenging and exciting.

If you would like to hear more about this journey and how I embraced the UX world, please take a look at an article I wrote on Medium:

Some fun facts about me...


I proposed to my wife at the top of Kilimanjaro.


I love table-top gaming with friends for beer, fun, and a strategic challenge.


Love the social side of conventions. Fancy dress party... I'm there!

Mad Inventor

Mad Inventor and problem solver. Always searching for that Eureka Moment.

The Flash

I always do at least two new adventure sports or activities every year and running is in my blood.


Don't just take my word for it...

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